OCA Est. 1964

A State Branch of the American Counseling Association



OCA has a long history of helping Oklahoma counselors grow in their profession.

OCA is made up of of college educators, school counselors, mental health counselors, vocational counselors and college personnel. OCA provides educational opportunities, support and a community for counselors of all types.

In short, we connect counselors together, grow individuals professionally, members mentor to other members, and the positive results are successful members who know they are not alone, that are able to do their jobs better.




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What Do You Get For Your Dollars?

  • Organizational leadership, assistance and communication
  • Cooperation and involvement with The State Department of Education and The State Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse personnel
  • Organizational involvement and cooperation with college and university personnel
  • Worthwhile local, regional and state meeting workshops as well as special interest sessions
  • National Certified Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor continuing education units
  • Leadership, involvement and support on the local, state and national legislative actions
  • Oklahoma Counseling Association Newsletter
  • Directory of OCA members including name, address and phone number, what type of counselor they are and the regions where they live
  • Exhibits are provided at the state Mid-Winter conventions
  • An opportunity to meet your state leaders and get acquainted
  • An opportunity to share by presenting and participating in special interest sessions depicting your area of expertise
  • OCA offers legislative updates
  • OCA provides professional legislative liaisons
  • A community of positive individual excited about supporting fellow counselors

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