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The Oklahoma Counseling Association (OCA) - A History of Advocacy and Excellence

Since our inception in 1964, the OCA has stood as a beacon for the counseling community in Oklahoma. We pride ourselves on our credibility, our commitment to being inclusive, and our dedication to fostering connections among counseling professionals. As the state branch of the American Counseling Association, we aim to be the most accessible, welcoming, and motivated organization for counseling professionals, ensuring they always have an advocate in their corner.

Elevating the counseling profession in Oklahoma.

Adults in Oklahoma who have a mental health condition*
Oklahomans age 12-17 have experienced depression*
Oklahomans without local access to mental health professionals*
Oklahoma adults who reported symptoms of anxiety or depression*

Our Mission

The Oklahoma Counselors Association (OCA) advocates for LPCs and promotes the counseling profession by lobbying and providing professional growth opportunities, including conferences, workshops, and mentorship programs. These efforts help OCA members provide effective counseling services and contribute to the mental health and well-being of individuals in Oklahoma.

Board of Directors

Empowering counselors, empowering communities.

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